Man Shot And Critically Injured By Police During A Third Night Of Unrest In Ferguson

An officer shot a man who reportedly pointed a handgun at him as demonstrations continued in the wake of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting in a St. Louis suburb.

1. A police officer shot and critically injured a man as demonstrations against the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teen continued for the third night in Ferguson, Mo., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.


Police said the man pulled a handgun on the officer who shot him, according to the report. The shooting took place close to where people were protesting against the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot by police on Saturday. Brown’s death has prompted a federal inquiry, nightly protests in Ferguson and debate around the country.

Police claim that the teen hit the officer who shot him. That account has been disputed by friends and family. Brown would have started college on Monday.

Police spokesman Officer Brian Schellman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Tuesday’s shooting occurred when police responded to a call that shots were fired by four or five men wearing ski masks and carrying handguns near the site of demonstrations.

The man who was shot by the officer was taken to a hospital.

3. Two churches held meetings on Tuesday night to discuss Brown’s death at the hands of the police. Police have denied requests to name the officer who shot Brown, citing safety concerns.

4. At a town hall meeting, Rev. Al Sharpton addressed a cheering and chanting crowd.

5. Sharpton said, “You’ve got issues in this city,” referring to the fact that there were only a few black police officers and that the majority of arrests were of black people.

Earlier tonight in #Ferguson – peaceful protestors outside church after town hall meeting w/ Al Sharpton.

— Tim Tai (@nonorganical)

7. Gov. Jay Nixon, who attended a community forum at another church, told the crowd of around 400 people, “Justice must not simply be pursued, but in fact achieved. Instead of burning bridges in anger, we must rebuild them with love.”

#Missouri Gov Jay Nixon appears at #Ferguson church event. Tells crowd they'll get justice. @cnnbrk @CNN

— billkirkos (@KirkosBill)

8. Nixon said that the shooting felt like an “old wound that has been torn open afresh” in a nation struggling with race relations.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon: "Unwavering that the investigation be open, thorough, and fair." #Ferguson

— Donovan Potts (@donpot)

9. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson told the crowd, “I want what you want. I want the truth and I want justice and I want it as soon as possible.”

Prepping for #Ferguson #Missouri church meeting w/ police chief. Crowd wants answers @cnnbrk @CNN @anacabrera

— billkirkos (@KirkosBill)

10. Attendees at one of the church rallies then arrived close to the site of the shooting to protest the riot police line.

Protesters from the church rally suddenly arrived to W. Florissant to protest the riot police line. #Ferguson

— Ray Downs (@RayDowns)

11. Tear gas was fired during the night as police faced off with the demonstrators. By early Wednesday morning, police had cleared the area.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters


Police officer deployed tear gas to disperse a crowd that had gathered to protest sometime after midnight.

12. BuzzFeed’s Joel Anderson described the scenes of protest from Ferguson:

The protests aren't over. At Greater St. Mark in #Ferguson, things seem to be just getting started after an earlier meeting with Rev. Al

— Joel D. Anderson (@blackink12)

This is much younger crowd that's congregating outside of Greater St. Mark. Ex: the dude wildly swinging around his Taser gun. #ferguson

— Joel D. Anderson (@blackink12)

"We're tired of being bullied" - Jayson Ross & Patricia Moreland, among the last holdouts on W Florissant. #Ferguson

— Joel D. Anderson (@blackink12)

Lots of cop cars are speeding down the street as the crowd disperses at the church. Looks like protests are moving along again. #Ferguson

— Joel D. Anderson (@blackink12)

Hearing that officers in #Ferguson have tear gassed some areas where protestors were gathered and are chasing others. It's bad again tonight

— Joel D. Anderson (@blackink12)

17. In a separate incident, a woman was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting. It was unclear whether the shooting was related to the protests.

(contd) STL Co. police says a woman was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting. Suspects were 4-5 black males in a white sedan.

— Joel D. Anderson (@blackink12)

The female shooting victim, who wasn't identified, has non-threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital.

— Joel D. Anderson (@blackink12)

19. In its first press release since Brown’s death, Ferguson Police Department said the city “mourns the loss of Michael Brown’s life” and is working to “restore confidence in the safety of our neighborhoods and our community.”

#BREAKING first official news release from #Ferguson PD since death of #MikeBrown @kmov

— Laura Hettiger KMOV (@LauraKHettiger)

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