This Website Is Like The LinkedIn For Love For Single Indians

Like all great professional résumés, it lets users list their education, work experience, height, and complexion.

1. Finding a suitable partner for marriage is a very serious task for all single Indians’ parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, and neighbors’ uncles and aunts.

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2. The most integral element in the search for suitable partners is their biodata, or résumé.

To attract prospective partners, the biodata must showcase all your amazing accomplishments, like being fair-skinned, extremely wealthy, or, in this person’s case, “sexually unfit.”

3. For many years, Indians have shared their matrimonial biodatas through newspaper ads or word-of-several-pesky-relatives’-mouths.

4. But in this revolutionary technological era of LinkedIn and Yo, four Harvard Business School grads decided it was time to digitize the marital manhunt. Enter where singles can create, upload, and share their biodata.

While this isn’t India’s first match-making website, it’s the first to emphasize the importance of résumé-building in the online spouse hunt.

5. The website has a step-by-step tutorial that helps prospective partners create their résumés within 15 minutes.

6. Like all great professional résumés, it lets users list their education, work experience, height, complexion, and the work experience of their parents and extended family.

This is a sample resume from the website.

7. It’s like a “résumé for marriage,” Allyson Pritchett, one of the site’s co-founders, told NBC News. “It’s the first impression people get to make on the person they are hopefully going to be with forever.”

This guy’s interests are “hardworking” and “driven.”

8. The point is to bypass all of the marriage middlemen because “a lot of people aren’t very happy that their parents are representing them,” Yu Kakitsubo, one of the co-founders, told NBC News.

SIngles have the option of sharing their biodata with friends and extended family.

9. LinkedIn for love, amirite?!

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