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Here Are The Incredible Adventures Of Instagram's Millionaire Playboy In Watercolor

An artist is so inspired by Dan Bilzerian that he has created watercolor versions of the most interesting man on Instagram.

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Remember Dan Bilzerian, millionaire poker player, lover of women, guns, and women with guns, and all in all the most interesting man on Instagram?

An artist was so inspired by him that he created watercolor versions of Dan Bilzerian's fascinating life as a tribute to "the King of the World."

Not much is known about the artist behind the @danbilderianized Instagram account. He claims to be a seven-year-old, but that is disputable.

Watercolor Dan Bilzerian loves to be surrounded by scantily-clad and armed women.

He likes to travel in style.

Like his IRL version, watercolor Bilzerian also has very specific tastes.

He likes to get his hands dirty.

He enjoys a wild, booze-fueled life...

But he's also just a family guy who loves his little cat.

Dan Bilzerian and Smushball flying up to MN to see family for the 4th.

He's a team player all the way.

Watercolor Dan Bilzerian knows what he wants...

And he works hard to get it.

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