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Fox News Anchor's Message After Watching Ray Rice Punch His Wife In An Elevator: "Take The Stairs"

Updated: Brian Kilmeade clarified that he takes the issue of domestic abuse very seriously. The Fox hosts also criticized Janay Palmer and Rihanna for going back to their abusive partners.

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Update — Sept. 9, 2014 8:31 a.m. ET

Brian Kilmeade addressed his "take the stairs" message in a 13-second clarification on his show today, The Huffington Post reported.

He said, "Comments that were made during this story made some feel like we are taking the situation too lightly. We are not, we were not. Domestic abuse is a very serious issue to us, I can assure you."

In a segment on Monday, Kilmeade and co-host Steeve Doocey also criticized domestic violence victims like Janay and Rihanna for not breaking up with their abusive partners.

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Janay and Rice were married a month after the incident. Doocey (left) said, "I should also point out after that video, now you know what happened in there, she still married him."

Kilmeade said that Rihanna too went back to Chris Brown right after he violently assaulted her. A lot of people thought that "was a terrible message," he added for good measure.

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