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American Man Who Cycled For Peace In Over 50 Countries Killed By Drunk Driver In Russia

Ron McGerity, known as The Biker On The Road, was run over and killed by a drunk truck driver on a Russian highway.

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Ron McGerity, a 61-year-old cyclist from the United States who pedaled in over 50 countries as a charity fundraiser, was killed by a drunk truck driver on Friday, July 25, The Moscow Times reported.

McGerity was reportedly killed on a highway from Kostroma to Ivanovo in central Russia. Traffic police who apprehended the driver alleged he was drunk.

The cyclist was touring Russia's Golden Ring — a circuit of around 10 historically-renowned towns northeast of Moscow — on his custom-made Swiss bike.

McGerity was a professional cyclist and a charity fundraiser. Since 1995, he had cycled in over 50 countries in four continents promoting messages of peace and spirituality.

Facebook: ron.mcgerity

According to his website, Biker on the Road, McGerity had traveled to countries such as Switzerland, Israel, Spain, Italy, Norway and South Korea.