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    15 Adorable Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With The Future Monarch Of Japan

    Royal Baby? What Royal Baby?!

    1. This is Prince Hisahito of Japan. The future of the world's oldest monarchy depends on him.

    2. Right now he's busy being SO GODDAMN CUTE!

    3. He couldn't get any cuter unless he held a rabbit. OH. WAIT.

    4. The cuteness can get overwhelming for some people.

    5. On a scale of one to guinea pig...

    6. He is wearing a suit and tie and PETTING A DEER. I... just... can't...

    7. When he runs out of adorable animals to pet, he goes bug hunting with his dad.

    8. He hangs with grasshoppers. The future of the world's oldest monarchy is safe in his tiny adorable hands.

    9. When life gives him lemons, he looks cute.

    10. Stop it.

    11. Kindergarten graduation ceremony. NBD.

    12. He frolicks!

    13. He slides!

    14. He dog oggles!

    15. Prince Hisahito RULES ALL.