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    Mar 27, 2014

    A Russian Photographer Takes Magical Photos Of Her Sons With Their Farm Animals

    Elena Shumilova captures fairytale-like pictures of her two kids with their farm dogs, cats and rabbits.

    Photographer Elena Shumilova takes gorgeous pictures of her children with pet animals on their farm in Russia.

    She started taking photos of her two sons, Yaroslav, 5, and Ivan, 2, around a year ago.

    The family's pet dog, Misha, features prominently in many of her photos.

    Shumilova told BuzzFeed that these pictures are about love, her childhood nostalgia and the "thoughts of a person alone with nature."

    Shumilova said she tries to make the photos look like her dreams, lending them a surreal, fairytale like quality.

    You can find all of Shumilova's photos here and here.

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