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A 7-Year-Old Boy Raised $55,000 After Starting A Lemonade Stand For His Best Friend's Surgery

People do give money for causes better than potato salads. FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED.

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Meet 7-year-olds Quinn Callander and Brayden Grozdanich from Canada. These two have been best friends ever since kindergarten.

Brayden (left) and Quinn (right) go to the same school and are in the Beaver Scouts together.

Brayden has cerebral palsy which has affected his right arm and leg. He is going through painful physiotherapy to walk, but a surgery available in New Jersey could help Brayden walk without braces, his father Travis Grozdanich told CBC News.

When Quinn heard that Brayden needed an expensive surgery he decided to raise money for his friend by building a lemonade stand.

"When I got home, I wanted to tell my mommy and daddy that I wanted to do a lemonade stand to help raise money to help him," Quinn told CBC News.


Despite the overwhelming support, Quinn's mom, Heather Roney, knew Brayden would need more than a lemonade stand to help raise money needed for his surgery.

Within days, the campaign called "My Buddy Brayden" has managed to raise over $55,000 for Brayden's surgery and travel expenses.

Thanks to the generosity of friends and strangers, Brayden's surgery has been scheduled in August. "There are no words. There are no words. It's unbelievable," Brayden's mom told ABC 7.

The amazing response to the campaign could be attributed to Quinn's heartbreakingly sweet plea to help his best buddy.

"Hi my name is Quinn, and this is my buddy Brayden.We are both 7 years old. We go to the same school and we are in Beaver Scouts together. Brayden has Cerebral Palsy, this makes it challenging for him to walk well because his muscles are very tight. Sometimes he can't keep up with the rest of the other Beavers and he falls down a lot. Brayden get's daily physio therapy to keep him walking. Sometimes it really hurts him. When I was at his physio, I tried to keep Brayden calm when he was in pain. My Mom told me Brayden is going to have a special surgery to help release the muscle tightness and spastic action. The surgery is not done here in Canada, only in the USA. Brayden and his Mom will be travelling there in August for the operation. Since the surgery is not done in Canada, Braydens Mom and Dad have to pay for it. The surgery will cost $20,000. Please help me raise money to help my friend Brayden, he is a really good guy.
Thank you
Love Quinn"

Tasneem Nashrulla is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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