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Insanely Corrupt Hospital In Zimbabwe Charges $5 Every Time A Pregnant Woman Screams In Pain

Seriously, what's going on in Zimbabwe?

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A heinously corrupt hospital in Zimbabwe charged women $5 every time they screamed while giving birth. The penalty was for "raising false alarm." This is according to a new report on corruption by Transparency International.

Women who couldn't afford the exorbitant $50 delivery fee along with penalties for screaming, were forcibly detained until their families paid up. This is a new low, even for Zimbabwe, which is one seriously corrupt country.

Philimon Bulawayo / Reuters

In Zimbabwe, the average annual income per person in $150. Which means that many women who scream a few times during childbirth would have to pay the hospital HALF OF THEIR ANNUAL INCOME after delivering a baby.

Their chances of surviving a delivery at home are also poor: Eight mothers die during childbirth every single day in Zimbabwe.

According to the Washington Post, Transparency International managed to meet the deputy prime minister who promised to do something about this insanely evil hospital. Since then, TI has received no complaints about women being charged for screaming.

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