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27-Year-Old Photojournalist Killed During Clashes In Iraq

Iraqi photojournalist Kamaran Najm Ibrahim was killed during clashes between Kurdish security forces and Islamist militants.

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Kamaran Najm Ibrahim, a 27-year-old Iraqi photojournalist was shot while covering clashes between Kurdish forces and Islamist militants near the city of Kirkuk in Iraq today, Agence France-Presse reported.

Ibrahim was the first journalist to be killed while covering the sectarian violence in Iraq spearheaded by the Islamist militant group — ISIS.

AP Photo/ Emad Matti

Fourteen Kurdish security personnel were reportedly wounded in Thursday's attack during which Kurdish security forces took control of Kirkuk city after Iraqi army soldiers quit their posts, officials said.

In 2009, Ibrahim co-founded MetroGraphy, the first Iraqi photo agency. The agency now represents over 100 photographers across Iraq.

Ibrahim said his agency's photographers covered different stories of Iraq and Kurdistan and not just those of violence and bloodshed.

Kamaran Najm for The Washington Post / Getty Images

"They do daily life. They do everyday news. They're not only bombs. There's not only blood. There are other stories," Ibrahim said at a TEDxErbil event in January this year.

“As an Iraqi photographer based in Kurdistan, I cannot deny that we have [to shoot images of war]. We have to cover breaking news," Ibrahim said. "But, as a photographer I know that there are some kinds of other photos that we need to capture, there are some kinds of moments that we need to capture for the history of this country. I wondered where was the beauty?"

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