What’s The Best Advice Your Dad Has Ever Given You?

Because dads are all-knowing and can teach you a lot about life.

1. Dads are gifted with several abilities.





2. Like their ability to dad dance…

Jeff Franklin Productions / via youtube.com


3. And their ability to embarrass you in front of the ENTIRE world.


4. They are really good at singing along to all your music…

youtube.com / Via Allison Bagg

5. And tend to have a great sense of humor!

6. But the best thing about Dads is their ability to give great advice.

Jordan Burt / Via tumblr.fails.net

Even though sometimes they choose to give advice in the hardest way possible.

7. So tell us, what’s the best advice your father figure has ever given you?

Carsey-Werner Productions / Via youtube.com

8. Add yours in the comments below!

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