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    Weekends On Instagram Vs. Weekends IRL

    We know what you did this weekend.

    Drinks with friends on a Friday night on Instagram.

    Drinks with friends on a Friday night, IRL.

    splityarn / Via Flickr: splityarn

    Saturday morning on Instagram.

    Saturday morning, IRL.

    Robb Sutton / Via Flickr: rsutton1223

    Saturday breakfast on Instagram.

    Saturday breakfast, IRL.

    Thomas Abbs / Via Flickr: tabsinthe

    Exploring on Instagram.

    Exploring IRL.

    Tasmai Uppin / BuzzFeed

    Saturday lunch on Instagram.

    Saturday Lunch, IRL.

    camknows / Via Flickr: camknows

    Weekend reading on Instagram.

    Weekend reading, IRL.

    Christopher / Via Flickr: colorblindpicaso

    Catching up with chores on Instagram.

    Catching up with chores IRL.

    ribarnica / Via Flickr: ribarnica

    Weekend concert on Instagram.

    Weekend Concert, IRL.

    Adelie Freyja Annabel / Via Flickr: kindofindie

    Saturday night with friends on Instagram.

    Saturday night with friends, IRL.

    Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) / Via Flickr: clintjcl

    Sunday morning brunch on Instagram.

    Sunday morning brunch IRL.

    DG EMPL / Via Flickr: socialeurope

    Getting some fresh air on Instagram.

    Getting some fresh air, IRL.

    Dario-Jacopo Lagana' / Via Flickr: norte_it

    Recharging for the coming week on Instagram.

    Recharging for the coming week, IRL.

    Emma Fierberg / Via Flickr: evfphotography-1112

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