This Artist Uses The Human Body As A Canvas For His Black Light Art

    See the world in a whole new light.

    John Poppleton uses UV body paint to create scenes of nature and space, and then brings them to life under a black light.

    Poppleton told BuzzFeed, "It actually started out as just black light photography."

    "Black light and UV-reactive paints make the painting become the light source, thereby making it look realistic."

    "Painting a sunset, for example, under black light is like witnessing a real sunset," said Poppleton.

    "You’re literally painting with light, and when that painting is on a person, it’s as if the light is inside of them shining out."

    While his work mostly features nature and the cosmos, he's also explored other themes.

    Here's a glimpse into his technique:

    And the finished product!

    You can head over to Poppleton's Facebook page to check out more of his work.