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    This Video Of Kids Telling Their Parents "I Love You" Will Give You The Feels

    Heart...warm...words...not coming.

    A video circulating around the internet is bringing attention to the cultural intricacies in the ways that love is expressed between Asian parents and their children.

    Steven Lim / Via

    Created by Steven Lim, the video aptly captures candid reactions from the parents on hearing their kids say, "I love you," in some cases, for the first time.

    Steven Lim / Via

    "The way Asian parents express love is different in that it is rarely spoken," said Lim in an email to BuzzFeed.

    Steven Lim / Via

    "I put this video together as a way to encourage people everywhere, of whatever ethnicity, to tell their parents that they love them..."

    Steven Lim / Via

    "... And to show people that it's easier than they think. Your parents may just surprise you in the way they respond."

    Steven Lim / Via

    Get ready to feel some serious feelings...

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    BRB! Calling mom and dad.

    Steven Lim / Via

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