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    This Girl Took On An Army Cadet In A Push-Up Challenge And Won

    Girl power FTW!

    At an Active Heroes Foundation fundraiser in North Carolina on September 6, young cadets went up against onlookers in fitness challenges.

    Kimberly Munley (the US army sergeant who confronted the Fort Hood gunman in November 2009), took the video of Kaylynn and her push-up prowess and posted it to her Facebook, where it started going viral.

    Here's Kaylynn going at it, super fast and super hard.

    At one point, the cadet stops in sheer amazement at the young girl's endurance.

    With a little encouragement from fellow cadets, he manages to go a little longer.

    Eventually realizing that the young girl can't be beat.

    Watch the entire video of Kaylynn take on the Army Cadet here:

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    Kimberly Munley / Via