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    This Girl Took On An Army Cadet In A Push-Up Challenge And Won

    Girl power FTW!

    At an Active Heroes Foundation fundraiser in North Carolina on September 6, young cadets went up against onlookers in fitness challenges.

    TheThomkel2001 / Via

    Kimberly Munley (the US army sergeant who confronted the Fort Hood gunman in November 2009), took the video of Kaylynn and her push-up prowess and posted it to her Facebook, where it started going viral.

    Kimberly Munley / Via Facebook: video.php

    Here's Kaylynn going at it, super fast and super hard.

    Kimberly Munley / Via

    At one point, the cadet stops in sheer amazement at the young girl's endurance.

    Kimberly Munley / Via

    With a little encouragement from fellow cadets, he manages to go a little longer.

    Kimberly Munley / Via

    Eventually realizing that the young girl can't be beat.

    Kimberly Munley / Via

    Watch the entire video of Kaylynn take on the Army Cadet here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Kimberly Munley / Via

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