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10 Things Beer Wants You To Do With It (Besides Drink It)

Beer is not happy being JUST a drink. It wants to play a bigger role in your life, so pour some lager on this.

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1. Beer wants you to be able to put out a fire with its chilled out swag.

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Did you know that beer has the potential to put out a fire? It's in no way a substitute for an actual extinguisher, but in an emergency, it's been known to work wonders.

2. Beer would like you to relax and soak your body all up in it.

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Beer is actually made up of skin-friendly ingredients and antioxidants that have smoothening and moisturizing qualities. In fact, there are beer spas where you can get the royal beer treatment. But if you want to save some dough, use this homemade beer bath mixture. If even that feels like too much work, here's a DIY beer facial.

3. Beer would like you to marinate and cook your meat in it.


Beer adds depth and complexity to the flavors in your dishes. When cooked, the alcohol from the beer evaporates leaving behind the flavors of the beer. So, if you picked a nutty spiced lager, those flavors get added in to your food.

What's more? Marinating meat in beer before grilling it may reduce carcinogens present in the char. You can read how here.

Here is a compilation of recipes, sauces and other delicious items that can get you started.

4. Beer wants you to rub it all over your pots and pans.

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The acidity present in beer makes this a great polisher for pots and pans, and it also works on jewelry.

The next time you have leftover beer from a party or even just beer that went flat, go nuts shining all your pots, pans, jewelry and anything else that got a little dull and rusty.

5. Beer wants to caress your feet.

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After a long, rough week the best way to soothe your tired feet is to get an at home beer pedicure. The enzymes in beer act as a callus softener and helps promote circulation. This DIY beer spa should get your feet feeling alive in no time.

6. Beer wants to run through your hair real slow.

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We've all heard how washing your hair with beer makes it shiny, soft and manageable. Well, it's true — speaking from personal experience. The trick is to use flat beer to avoid the beery smell.

The folks at Refinery29 did most of the work for you by testing out different beers to see which ones worked best. Here's their verdict.

7. Beer wants you to bite it.

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This is an easy one: summer is here! It's time to enjoy beer as a popsicle. 'Nuff said. Here's a great beer popsicle recipe, or if you just want beer in frozen form, freeze it in a popsicle container.

8. Beer wants to protect you from slugs and roaches and other creepy crawlies.

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Beer is a great natural way to get rid of pesky pests! Especially when you have pets or small kids in the house.

Here are some methods to help you get rid of a variety of pests ranging from slugs to roaches and even mosquitos.

9. Beer wants to lull you to sleep.


Having trouble sleeping? Try washing your pillowcases and sheets in a hoppy beer. No joke! The hops present in beers have calming, sedative like qualities. Washing your pillowcases/sheets in an IPA releases an aromatic and comforting scent that can help you drift off in to dreamland.

You can go a step further and make a mini hops pillow to stuff in your regular pillows for a great night's sleep.

10. Beer wants you to clean and polish your wood with it.

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All you need to do is make sure that the beer you're using is FLAT and on the dark side (preferably an ale). Test on the underside of your furniture before going for it! Rub it in to the wood with one cloth and then use another cloth to wipe it dry for wood furniture that looks clean, shiny and happy.

Thinkstock / Tasmai Uppin

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