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30 Utterly Lovely Tattoos For Tea Lovers

Because it's tea o'clock somewhere. (And there is no better way to express your tea love than by inking it on your body.)

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Via Tasmai Uppin / BuzzFeed

1. Head over heels for tea.

2. A spot of tea, anyone?

3. Because chamomile tea means a good night's sleep.

4. A quirky teapot short and stout.

5. A dainty little reminder to stick your pinky out while drinking tea.

6. Tea love.

8. Tea time waits for no one.

9. Simple like tea.

Nina Jean / Via Flickr: nicasaurusrex

10. For instant wisdom...

11. Your life line to achieving total tranquility.

12. Star Trek + Tea

13. Putting the tea in artistic.

14. Everything stops for a good cup of tea.

16. Take my hand to a world of pure tea.

17. Powering down with tea.

jyllish / Via Flickr: jyllish

18. Tea for the vintage soul.

19. An itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, steaming cup of yummy tea.

20. Feeling blue? All you need to do is brew.

21. Calming the storm with tea.

22. Let's go on a tea-venture.

23. Nothing like hot tea and a good book on a rainy day.

24. Liquid wisdom.

25. Artsy with a spoonful of hip please.

26. When all else fails, tea prevails.

27. Brewing ultimate hap-tea-ness.

28. Tea is what dreams are made of.

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