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    Meet The Swaggiest, Most Handsome Pit Bull On Instagram

    Pitbull ain't got nothing on this pit bull. Dale.

    Chango was on his way to a shelter when he was saved by Evelyn Ramirez and her boyfriend Juan Manuel Quiñonez. He was just 5 months old. Today, he has evolved into an Instagram style icon.

    Ramirez told BuzzFeed, "He's a very patient guy and we were amazed at how calm he would be when we put stuff on him. So we went with it."

    "He actually sits down and lets us do whatever with him as long as it's followed by belly rubs and chewy treats."

    Here's Chango, ready for his magazine spread.

    Chilling in his casuals and still bringing it.

    Hiding from the paparazzi.

    Seducing you with his style.

    Cozy for game day.

    Fedorable in his stylish get-up.

    Brunch time.

    Pondering his next style move.

    Getting his cardigan game on.

    Date night!

    Look how he rocks those stripes.

    Rockin' that grandpa style.

    The future face of GQ magazine gazes into the horizon, undeterred by his rising star power.

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