A Reminder To Stop Being So Damn Hard On Yourself

“Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the understanding and love you give to others.”

1. We ALL have bad days.

Daniel Powter / Via youtube.com

2. And we all question ourselves constantly.

3. It can feel extremely emotionally exhausting…

4. …and it can do a real number on your self confidence.

20th Century Fox Television / Via youtube.com

5. But, what if you tried to not let those bad days bring you down completely?

The Saul Zaentz Company / Via l-o-t-r.tumblr.com

6. What if you changed your inner monologue?

Universal Media Studios / Via forums.khinsider.com / superbwallpapers.com

7. One step at a time.

Universal Television / Via danharmonsucks.com / zachbissett.wordpress.com

8. By catching yourself…

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Via Thinkstock

9. …every time you said something critical about yourself in your head.

Warner Bros. Television / Via youtube.com / hercampus.com

10. And what if you focused on all the good things you have going for you?

20th Century Fox Television / Via youtube.com

11. Here, take a step back for just a moment and dwell on how awesome you are!

sam74100 / Via Thinkstock

12. Focus on everything you’ve accomplished so far. I bet it’s a lot!

20th Century Fox Television / Via templehonors.tumblr.com

13. Allow yourself to swell with pride!

FremantleMedia / Via giftimes.tumblr.com

14. Really relish those accomplishments.

Ben Rosen / Via imgur.com

15. Every time you feel self-doubt creeping up on you… STOP! And give yourself some grade A reinforcement.

ABC Studios / Via rakumari.tumblr.com

16. Now, go out and treat yourself because you absolutely deserve it.

Universal Television / Via bookishcompendium.tumblr.com

17. Here’s to you!

Universal Television / Via olitzforthewin.tumblr.com

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