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19 Reasons Why Sneakers Are Simply The Best

Sneakers = Freedom.

1. Sneakers make you feel free... like everything's a possibility.

Man Repeller / Via

2. You're always ready for an adventure with sneakers.

TheKittyChristy / Via

3. They make it easier for you to be on the run. Literally.

DaysintheLife / Via

4. You can wear them on the grass, on cobbled paths, and dusty pavements without worrying about ruining them.

5. Come rain or shine, sneakers do just fine.

4Minute / Via

6. You can finally say buh bye to teetering around in heels at work. Oh, and no more painful bunions either!

20th Century Fox / Via

7. You don't need heels to look fierce.

BeyonceVevo / Via

8. You can dance the night away in sneakers. In heels, all you can do is shuffle for a couple of hours.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Via

9. At the end of a crazy night, you don't have to walk barefoot on gross sidewalks.

Universal Television / Via

10. Sneakers help you make the stairs your bitch.

DearBabuskha / Via

Suck it, stairs! Take that!

11. Sneakers can be just as feminine as heels.

Hollywood Records / Via

12. You can wear them on your big day and look like a million bucks while being über comfortable.

Abby Anderson / Via

13. Scuffed sneakers? Well now they're vintage. Win-Win.

Sneaker Fetish / Via

14. Heels might make your ass look great temporarily, but you can use your sneakers to give it a good workout.

15. They reduce your chances of face-planting since your center of gravity hasn't been messed with.

Miramax Films / Via

16. They can actually make you feel uninhibited.


17. They're runway approved y'all.

POPSUGAR fashion / Via

18. Let's not forget, Ellen DeGeneres rocks them all the time.

ABC Studios / Via

19. Sneakers make your feet happy, and happy feet mean a happier you.

Adafruit Industries / Via

Just look at those pearly whites gleaming with the light of a thousand suns.

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