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    33 "Sherlock" Puns That Will Tickle Your Punny Bone

    It's time to SherLOCK yourself in, cause the game is WatsON.

    1. When Sherlock was looking for a real estate agent.

    2. This absolutely fantastic flush.

    3. That time that Moriarty put a spin on The Reichenbach Fall.

    4. The real reason why Sherlock and John were giggling like school girls.

    5. It's elementary.

    6. This well-baked pun.

    7. How does Sherlock fix his hair?

    8. Three shades of Molly.

    9. This PSA poster that cares about your safety

    10. That moment when you were like, "Too soon."

    11. This punny name.

    12. And this.

    13. Don't forget this.

    14. More of this.

    15. Care for some more tea?

    16. Wish this party was real.

    17. This extremely British pun.

    18. Supper at 221B?

    19. Sherlock can't come to the phone right now...

    20. This man band.

    21. This pun in doubt.

    22. Minecroft.

    23. This extremely accurate reasoning.

    24. This fashionable pun.

    25. Followed by this chain of comment puns.

    26. This CD-ious brilliance.

    27. How did John Watson get his girl?

    28. Some hearse play.

    29. This punny banter.

    30. This boomerang pun.

    31. This epicness.

    32. When Sherlock got a good workout. Get it?!

    33. That time that Sherlock lost his sheet. LOLOLOLOL.

    So, in conclusion...