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This Stray Pit Bull Saved This Chihuahua And Now They're Best Friends

Joanie the pit bull and Chachi the Chihuahua will make you feel feelings.

This pit bull and this Chihuahua were found wandering around a neighborhood in Savannah, Ga., by the local cops.

The pit bull, in fact, was walking around carrying her Chihuahua friend in her mouth, occasionally stopping to lick the Chihuahua's badly infected eye.

The cops proceeded to take these adorable canines to the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Animal Control Shelter (SCMAC), where the Chihuahua underwent eye surgery.

While the vets weren't able to save the Chihuahua's eye, they were able to patch him up pretty good.

He was then reunited with his other half.

According to the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Facebook page, they were extremely excited to see each other, "licking, whining, caressing and finally cuddling."

Here they are celebrating their reunion.

The pair have been named "Joanie and Chachi" due to their inseparable relationship and are currently looking for a home, preferably together (as per the last Facebook update).

UPDATE: Joanie and Chachi have found a home together! YAY!

Here's Joanie and Chachi after they heard the news! Looks like they have some very happy days ahead of them.