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21 Grandmas Who Are Secretly Teenagers

Grannies be straight up chillin'.

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1. This grandma who isn't listening to a word you're saying right now. #ignore

2. Or this grandma who might just throw something at you if you disturb her gaming time.

3. Check out this grandma who scoots around on a scooter better than any teen.

4. And this grandma who hearts selfies more than her granddaughter.

5. There's also this grandma who is clearly a sprightly 16-year-old.

6. This grandma who is a real hipster.

7. And this grandma who is ready to win the "best dressed" contest at your school.

8. Baller grandma who can teach you a thing or ten about basketball.

9. This fabulous lioness of a grandma rocking some school spirit.

10. This grandma showing the cheerleaders how to correctly do the "Charlie's Angels" pose.

11. This grandma who knows how to get down to today's hits.

12. This grandma repping for world peace.

13. And this grandma who would like to enjoy her iced carmel macchiato in peace. No pictures please.

14. This grandma flipping off the camera and doing it with class.

15. This grandma who's making all the kids jealous with her brand new Mustang.

16. This grandma who has her priorities straight.

17. This grandma whose party knowledge is off the charts.

18. And this grandma who's partying way too hard.

19. Let's not forget this grandma judiciously planning her beer pong strategy.

20. This grandma rocking purple highlights.

21. And last but definitely not least, this grandma who's just about ready for the weekend.

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