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    Meet Maya, The Most Artistic Cat On Snapchat

    This Snapcat's livin' that technicolored life. H/t to redditor cakes1todough1.

    Maya belongs to Audrey Spencer, who draws her cat on various adventures for Snapchat. Maya also goes by Snapcat. Here are some of Maya's adventures:

    Snapcat takes on Superman and rescues the world from total mayhem.

    Here's Maya taking a breather in Hawaii.

    She replaces a human on a space mission.

    Releases steam by performing a bunch of bike stunts.

    Then tries to squeeze some paperwork in between hardcore adventuring.

    Relaxes on a rock in a mermaid costume because she can.

    Takes on LeBron James in a one-on-one game and wins!

    Celebrates her win by chilling at the pool.

    Gets in a good workout and puts on a great show as the lead in Black Swan.

    Pretends to be a pirate to catch other bad pirates.

    Takes a pole-dancing class to unwind.

    Tries to analyze and investigate the porn industry.

    Completes mission impossible.

    Channels Imhotep so she can protect The Great Pyramid of Giza from tourists.

    Sees defaming posters that her arch nemesis posted out of spite.

    Steals from her nemesis so she can teach her a lesson and give to the poor.

    Shows off her dance moves and one-up's everyone else.

    All tuckered out after a day of adventuring, Maya chills with an angel in the sky.