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This Makeup Artist Recreates Iconic Cartoon Characters On Her Lips

Read these lips.

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Laura Jenkinson is a London-based makeup artist and beauty blogger, who woke up one day and decided to paint cartoon characters on her lips.

"My inspiration comes from all over...[like] films, Disney, art, other artists, especially fellow makeup artists on Instagram..."

"...and my friends and family always give me lots of ideas to try out!" Jenkinson said in an email to BuzzFeed.

"It took a ton of practice," said Jenkinson. "When you look at the first stuff I did you can definitely see an improvement."

Laura Jenkinson / Via Facebook: 201886346663622

"My very first one was a Minion which my friend told me to do — I guess she can have the credit for that."

She mainly uses Kryolan [Professional Makeup] products. She also uses "things from [her] kit, like lipsticks and eyeliners."

Each piece takes Jenkinson anywhere between one and three hours to complete.

Jenkinson told BuzzFeed, "I go slowly and take my time building up layers. Plus using the right products and brushes really helps!"

The accuracy of the characters' depiction is near-perfect.

Her most recent work, she said, is a tribute to Robin Williams.

You can see more of her cool lip art here.
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