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    A Guy And His Dog Are The Most Creative Team On Instagram

    "He's my best friend and companion."

    Rafael Mantesso and his dog, Jimmy Choo, are the best of friends.

    Jimmy Choo also happens to be Rafael's model and muse.

    "I'd just divorced my then-wife, who took all the furniture when she moved out," said Mantesso, in an email to BuzzFeed.

    "I was left with an empty house and white walls. And of course my dog, Jimmy."

    "One day, I was playing with him when this picture happened. It was a moment of complete affection and friendship, captured in a snapshot."

    "And that was the beginning of the evolution of my ideas. Shooting Jimmy against a white background (floor or wall) and illustrating various situations and interactions involving him."

    "Jimmy isn't just loyal and friendly, he also loves being a model."

    "He's the best art partner one could ever ask for."

    Mantesso says that he illustrates first and then has Jimmy pose accordingly.

    He also says that it's very easy to photograph Jimmy.

    "When I say, 'Stay' he listens and stays still so that I can get the shot."

    "I've always loved drawing and painting," says Mantesso.

    "Having Jimmy be a part of it though, makes it better!"

    "He's just my best friend and companion."

    Hugs all around!