Treat Yo Self To 15 Of The Best "Parks And Rec" Gifts

Clothes. Stationery. Jewelry. Buttons. Fine Leather Goods. Treat yo self!

1. Ron Swanson Typewriter T-Shirt

UrbanPrey / Via

$22.46 at UrbanPrey

2. Ron Swanson “I Love You More Than Bacon & Eggs” Love Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via

3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

3. Parks & Rec Quote Pencil (set of 3)



4. Treat Yo Self Coffee Mug

PeachyApricot / Via

$16.00 at PeachyApricot

5. Bring Me ALL the Bacon & Eggs Button/Magnet

PeppersPins / Via

$2.75-$3.50 at PeppersPins

6. Scented Butter and Maple Syrup Waffle Necklace

tinyhands / Via

$28.00 at tinyhands

7. Ovaries Before Broveries Poster

paperchat / Via

$26.00 at paperchat

8. Vote Knope Tote

OneWildOat / Via

$15.00 at OneWildOat

9. Fine Leather Goods (Notebook)

LudoModernLeather / Via

$59.00 at LudoModernLeather

10. Leslie Knope Keychains

PeachyApricot / Via

$8.00 at PeachyApricot

11. Ron Swanson Be A Man Beer Cozy

courtney2kdesign / Via

$9.00 at courtney2kdesign

12. Happy Galentine’s Day Leslie Knope Card

Turtle’s Soup / Via

$3.85 at Turtle’s Soup

13. Treat Yo Self Typography Art Print

CreativeSobriety / Via

$20.00 at CreativeSobriety

14. Burt Macklin, FBI. T-Shirt

SnuffShirts / Via

$18.00 at SnuffShirts

15. R.I.P. Li’l Sebastian Coffee Mug

perksofaurora / Via

$16.00 at perksofaurora

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