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The Ron Swanson Father's Day Gift Guide

If your dad is anything like Ron Swanson, he'll be sure to think these gifts are cool beans.

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1. 3 Liter Engraved Bourbon Barrel

$57.95-$77.95 depending on size at themanregistry

2. Be a man beer koozie

$10.00 at courtney2kdesign
courtney2kdesign / Via

3. Never Half-Ass Two Things, Whole-Ass One Thing Poster

$15.00+ at EntropyTradingCo
EntropyTradingCo / Via

4. Bacon & Eggs Father's Day Card

$4.00 at Turtle's Soup
Turtle's Soup / Via

5. Breakfast Foods Poster

$7.50+ at ManCaveStore
ManCaveStore / Via

6. Meat Crew Neck T-Shirt

$20.00 at ARTISDUMB

7. Whiskey-Inspired Grooming Kit w/ Beard Oil, Mustache Wax, Pomade, & Soap

$35.00 at WhiskeyInkandLace
WhiskeyInkandLace / Via

8. Hand-Tooled Leather Notebook Cover (Fits Moleskine)

$118.95 at LudoModernLeather
LudoModernLeather / Via

9. All the bacon & eggs coffee mug

$16.00 at PeachyApricot
PeachyApricot / Via

10. 'Favorite Things' Coasters

$15.00 at DynamicDuoCrafts
DynamicDuoCrafts / Via

11. Capitalism... it's what makes America great, England okay, and France terrible. Vinyl Decal

$7.95 at NovemberIndustries
NovemberIndustries / Via

12. Halo of Eggs Art Print

$20.00 at YakawonisQuilling
YakawonisQuilling / Via

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