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    18 Incredibly Cool Graduation-Themed Cards

    Warning: Heavy sarcasm.

    1. Ghost World Graduation

    seasandpeas / Via

    2. Wow. Much Congrats.

    Turtle's Soup / Via

    3. Brainiac Alert!

    LittleSloth / Via

    4. Totally.

    sadshop / Via

    5. Great Job!

    onesharpenedpencil / Via

    6. No Pressure

    emilymcdowelldraws / Via

    7. Sh** just got real.

    feb10design / Via

    8. Now what?

    JulieAnnArt / Via

    9. Congrats Typography

    Turtle's Soup / Via

    10. Smarty Pants!

    katievaz / Via

    11. Congratulationth

    seasandpeas / Via

    12. Lots and Lots of Bills

    RowHouse14 / Via

    13. Amazeballs

    witsicle / Via

    14. Like a Boss.

    PinwheelPrintShop / Via

    15. Cute Guinea Pig Congrats

    MyZoetrope / Via

    16. Congratulations Recycled Card

    HappyDappyBits / Via

    17. So Bright

    PaulaAndWaffle / Via

    18. Congratufuckinglations!

    TuxPress / Via
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