17 Of The Sexiest Valentine’s Day Cards For Every Kind Of Couple

Netflix & Chill, anyone?

2. For The Netflix & Chill Couple

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$4.00 at Turtle’s Soup

3. For The Drunk Couple

JulieAnnArt / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at JulieAnnArt

4. For The Couple Who Like To Give Sexy Compliments To Each Other

RowHouse14 / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at RowHouse14

5. For The Dirty Couple

HellaFreshDesigns / Via etsy.com

$3.91 at HellaFreshDesigns

6. For Couple Who Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Sexy Kisses

Gold Teeth Brooklyn / Via goldteethbrooklyn.com

$5.00 at Gold Teeth Brooklyn

7. For The Couple Who Know What They Want

OhPlesiosaur / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at OhPlesiosaur


diamonddonatello / Via etsy.com

$7.89 at diamonddonatello

9. For The Inappropriate Couple ;)

SimplySaidPaperie / Via etsy.com

$4.25 at SimplySaidPaperie

10. For The Cute And Awkward Couple

Sea and Lake / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at Sea and Lake

11. For The Naughty Couple

GeorgiePearlDesigns / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at GeorgiePearlDesigns

12. For The Clever Couple

littlelow / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at littlelow

13. For The Very Blunt Couple

sweetperversion / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at sweetperversion

14. For The Couple That Are Horny

Olive and Clyde / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at Olive and Clyde

15. For The Couple Who Prefer Comfort Over Style

Bangs and Teeth / Via etsy.com

$4.50 at Bangs and Teeth

16. For The Trendy Couple

HellaFreshDesigns / Via etsy.com

$3.91 at HellaFreshDesigns

17. For The Couple Who Met On Tinder

Turtle’s Soup / Via etsy.com

$4.00 at Turtle’s Soup

18. For The Hot Couple

Rhubarb Paper Co. / Via rhubarbpaper.com

$4.50 at Rhubarb Paper Co.

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