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    16 Geeky Valentine's Day Cards

    Show your love for your favorite geek this Valentine's Day with these one of a kind cards found on Etsy!

    1. Doctor Who Dalek 'Affectionate' Valentine Card

    FierceMally / Via

    2. Nintendo Player 2 Love Card

    Turtle's Soup / Via

    3. Star Wars 'You're The Obi-Wan For Me' Love Card

    DarkroomAndDearly / Via

    4. u + me = Chemistry Letterpress Love Card

    fluidinkletterpress / Via

    5. Lego You Complete Me Valentine's Card

    sillyreggie / Via

    6. Zombie Love Card

    CraftColorfully / Via

    7. I Love You This Much Funny Pixel Heart Card

    LittleSketchyCards / Via

    8. You Turn Me On Xbox Gamer Love Card

    DarkroomAndDearly / Via

    9. Walter White I Love Our Chemistry Valentine's Day Card

    Turtle's Soup / Via

    10. Rick Grimes Walking Dead Love Card

    NudeAndLoiteringTees / Via

    11. Nerd Love is the Best Love Valentine's Card

    simplyhonest / Via

    12. Portal Be My Companion Love Card

    CraftingTiger / Via

    13. Skyrim I'd Take An Arrow Love Card

    ButtonlandiaOR / Via

    14. Love Is Like Always Being Level 1 Card

    hellodearey / Via

    15. Free Download My Heart Is Yours Valentine's Love Card

    TheWallaroo / Via

    16. Reddit Meme Banana Scale Love Card

    CreativeMoxieStudio / Via
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