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24 Pancakes From Around The World

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Every country has a pancake: The flattened sweet or savory cake of various thickness, fillings, and toppings, bound in union with a batter (some sort of ground grain, egg, and milk/water). After being cooked in a pan they arrive on your plate to fulfill their glorious life purpose as the worldwide ultimate comfort food.

1. US & Canada: Buttermilk Pancakes

2. Austria: Kaiserschmarrn

3. Australia: Pikelets

4. China: cong you bing or Scallion Pancakes

5. Eastern Europe: Blini or Blintz

6. England: Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon

7. Finland: Pannukakku

8. France: Crêpes

9. Greece: Tiganites

10. Hungary: Palacsinta

The Hungarian crepes. Get the recipe.

11. Iceland: Pönnukaka

12. India: Uttapam

13. Japan: Okonomiyaki

14. Korea: Kimchijeon or Kimchi Pancakes

15. Malaysia: Apam Balik

16. Mexico: Hotcakes

17. Netherlands: Pannenkoeken or Dutch Baby

18. Russian: Olady

19. Scotland: Scotch or Scottish Pancakes

20. Somalia: Anjero

21. South Africa: Pannekoeke

22. Sweden: Raggmunk

23. Poland: Naleśniki

24. Venezuela and Colombia: Cachapas