25 Clever Ways To Feed Your Inner Geek

Don’t starve the Pac-Man in you.

1. Have Dark Side toast.

License 2 Play

Get it here.

2. Drink from a mug that uses a computer to keep your coffee warm.

Meet the iCup.

3. Pack “Chewy” noodles for lunch.

Laugh it up, fuzzball.

4. Eat some Microsoft Windows sushi…

Does Apple eat Microsoft sushi for lunch?

5. …with light saber chopsticks.

Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.

Get it here.

6. Order pizza from a futuristic touch-screen table.

Pizza Hut /

Pizza Hut is testing a table that lets you customize orders on a giant touchscreen. Minority Report, much?

7. Make a superhero-themed pizza.

Captain America needs pizza, too.

8. Or make the best pizza everrr.

Here’s how.

9. Just make sure every slice is precise.


Get Pi Pizza Cutter here.

10. Express your love by giving your SO or BFF a dinosaur-eating-pizza necklace.

Snash Jewelry

Now that’s a promising relationship. Get the PizzaSaurus Necklace here.

11. Slice and toast your bread at the same time (with a tool that Tumblr reveals is actually a Hogwarts Sorting Hat.)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy / Touchstone Pictures / Via

12. Take the Throne of fries.

13. Take a swig from a Polyjuice Potion flask.

Get it here.

14. Build virtual snacks with LEGOS.

LEGO my Eggo?

15. Cook with LEGO utensils.

Get it here.

16. Make your position clear.

Get it here.

17. Turn your fridge into a portal.

Get it here.

18. Get a cocktail chemistry set.

Get it here.

19. Or a beaker-shaped tea infuser.

Get it here.

20. Put up motivational posters.

Get Ice Pop Superhero Posters here.

21. Season food with Rubik’s Cube salt and pepper mills.

Alas, they’re sold out. :(

22. Start baking.

Though these Pac-Man oven mittens are discontinued. Womp, womp.

23. Cool your drinks with Pac-Man ice.

Paladone Products

Get it here!

24. Or cool Tetris-shaped ice.


Get it here.

25. Snack on Tetris gummies.

Available in Japan.

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