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    24 Clever Kitchen Gifts For Your Favorite Twentysomething

    You're not living in the real world until you own a bicycle-shaped pizza cutter.

    1. Kitchen in a Bottle, $22 / Via

    For the twentysomething who likes to have their shit together. The stack: a funnel, lemon juicer, spice grater, egg masher, cheese grater, lid grip/opener, egg yolk separator, AND a measuring cup. Get it here.

    2. Bicycle Pizza Cutter, $25

    Lowering carbon footprints one pizza slice at a time. Get it here.

    3. Cooking Blocks, $42

    For the ultimate LEGO lover. Get it here.

    4. Pirate Corkscrew, $15

    For the twentysomething reading Facebook notifications in English (Pirate) since 2008. Get it here.

    5. Mug Sweater, $17

    Adorable mug sweaters are adorable. Get it here.

    6. Four Seasons Spice Shakers, $35

    Store seasoning in different season globes. Think red pepper flakes = fall leaves. Raw sugar = hot dessert sand. Salt = winter snow. CLEVER. Get it here.

    7. Yolkfish, $18

    peleg design / Via

    This goldfish separates egg yolks. Completely unnecessary and completely amusing. Get it here.

    8. Salt and Pepper Cells, $12

    You can see exactly when it's time to recharge/replenish the S&P. Get it here.

    9. Stackable Pyramid Measuring Cups, $12

    Gama-Go / Via

    Stackable and lovable. Get it here.

    10. Spill-Proof Martini Glass, $20

    You promised to keep it classy in your twenties. This will help. Get it here.

    11. Sunglasses Bag Clips, $8

    TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. Get it here.

    12. Sriracha Water Bottle, $8

    Will you drink more water if you think it's Sriracha? Get it here.

    13. Monday Mug, $8

    The Cottage Industry / Via

    This mug changes colors when it gets hot. It also tells others that you have coffee now — it's safe to talk to you. Get it here.

    14. Moustache Stones, $14

    Teroforma / Via

    Drink whisky like real gentlemen. Get the recipe.

    15. Sandwich Coasters, $6

    One Hundred 80 Degrees

    It's a sandwich. What more can you want? Get it here.

    16. Food Fighters Party Picks, $17

    BEST PARTY EVER. Get it here.

    17. I-Cookie Cutter, $14 / Via

    For the twentysomething who's THAT into their iPhone. Get it here.

    18. Salad Plant, $25

    Salad serving spoons that looks like a plant... and you can't kill it. Get it here.

    19. Fondue Mugs, $15

    Item currently unavailable. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?

    20. Graffiti Cocktail Shaker, $25

    For the twentysomething who wishes they were Banksy. Get it here.

    21. Takeout To-Go Container, $16

    Making dreams come true for everyone who wishes their Chinese takeout actually came in these boxes. Get it here.

    22. LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube Tray, $11

    These ice LEGO figurines are so cool. (See what I did there?) Get it here.

    23. Pancakes Plates, $45

    This solves a lot of big problems. Get this here.

    24. Say Cheese Instant Slicer, $10

    CHEESE POLAROIDS. Get it here.