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A Quick Checklist For Your Wedding Bar & Drinks

The bar at a wedding is a crucial spot where guests gather, mingle, enjoy drinks and make the big day special. This is why it is important to get it right. Your bar will be one of the most important parts of your wedding reception. Though your wedding planner will take care of every detail of the ceremony, you can still give a personal touch to it with your inputs. To make the things super easy, here is a quick checklist for setting up the bar for your wedding reception.

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Bar stools

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Comfortable bar or kitchen counter stools are a must-have for every wedding bar. It offers the guests a perfect seating while they enjoy their drinks. In addition, they also give them time to mingle and talk near the bar.

Small buckets

Necessary for storing ice on the top of a bar, small buckets work very well. You can also replace them with deep plastic pan or tub. Make sure that there is a regular supply of ice, and the bucket is always full!


To make your bar stand out, give special attention to the decoration. You can make them attractive and inviting with wholesale flowers, unique messages written on wedding boards or quirky arrangement of the drinks.

Big buckets

You will need them for keeping your cans and bottles cold. Get sufficient of them, at least to hold half of the bottles with ice at a time. You can also get big party tubs.

Bar station

To reduce the waiting time, create several well-staffed bars and drink station at the venue, indoors as well as outside. Position them in such a way that guests get their drinks quickly.


Alcohol as well as bartenders, make sure that you have enough of both. At an open bar, 1 bartender is sufficient to serve 50 guests (for only signature guests), 1 for 75 (for beer and wine only).

Now your wedding bar is ready for the great day, it is time to make a toast to the newlyweds!

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