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    • tarquinm

      ah inbreeding, what a wonderful incestous social phenomemon.
      Noone knows what a jew actually is- do they?
      Race, religion or both?
      Ask different jews and you get different answers.
      A religious devotion to a psychoactive grass that rots your gut and is actually a roman and egyptian introduction to our diet seems to be the common factor aside the religious delusions and spirituality of the different sects.,
      The traumatic mutilation of the foreskin at an early age is just horrible-,
      debilitating introspection and cultural identification with a group that when viewed with any scrutiny isnt a normal religious group by any standards but seemingly devoted to a religious cause to repopulate a land mass that some old book tells them is theirs- which is in fact disputed by the more sane branches of your sect even now said landmass has what their book promised them.
      patently absurdly and insane- a “race” that you can join by signing up to a religion- unique in the world think- more akin to religious caste system of the hindus without the rankings.
      The term”gentile” is both racist and religiously bigoted and “goyim” acn only be translated into english using the german origin of a similar term which is “subhuman” sorry “subjew” and if jews are human thats what their religion states.
      That like moslems they are somehow better than nonmembers. Stay separate and believe you are differnet to the rest of humanity when what that difference is is actually up for debate.
      I actually tghink a lot of jewish consternation comes from their religious devotion to the gluten protein which when you do the science might be a cause of all that angst and tension that comes from a religion with a cultural addiction and religious festivals in worship of this indigestable psychoactive grass that sends you mad -no wonder the perception of yourselves as neurotic- your body and mind pay a terrible price for believing yourself to be “jewish”.
      I find it rather strange that this uncomfort at religiously consuming a gigantic indigestible protein is considered a cultural trait.
      uuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnghhhh- i was tense introspective to a debilitating level, grumpy too when i was still eating it.

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