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    Updated on Feb 8, 2019. Posted on Aug 9, 2017

    Turn Mismatched Chairs Into A Gorgeous Coordinating Dining Set

    It's time to dumpster dive, y'all.

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    Those ugly AF chairs you always see sitting on the curb? Yeah, those things are just waiting to be turned into a beautiful dining set courtesy of YOU. Turn it from this...


    Into THIS! Here's how:



    * Old chairs

    * Safety equipments

    * Safety goggles

    * Work gloves

    * Face mask

    * Cleaning supplies

    * Disinfectant spray

    * Paper towel

    * Bug spray (optional)

    * Pliers

    * Scissors

    * Screw driver

    * Sand paper or electronic sander

    * Painting supplies

    * Paint brush or paint roller

    * Paint tray

    * Primer

    * Paint color of your choice, we chose white

    * Gloss or stain of your choice, we used polyurethane

    * Upholstery supplies

    * Staple gun

    * Iron

    * Upholstery foam

    * Batting

    * Sturdy fabric of your choice

    * Serrated knife

    * Dust cover fabric

    * Gimp trim

    * Glue gun


    # Clean all chairs thoroughly with disinfectant spray and paper towel (optional: bug spray).

    # Remove the old upholstery.

    # For arm chairs: remove staples with pliers and cut off old fabric with scissors.

    # Throw out old foam and batting.

    # For chairs with removable cushion: unscrew the cushion from the chair.

    # Sand down the chairs until smooth (wear safety equipments).

    # Prime the chairs as instructed on the primer container. Let dry completely.

    # Paint the chairs as instructed on the container. Let dry completely.

    # Reupholstering an armchair:

    # Put one piece of foam on the seat.

    # Fill any gaps with batting.

    # Add one or two layers of batting over the entirety of the seat, depending on how soft you want your chair to be.

    # Cover the batting with fabric.

    # Iron the fabric.

    # Pull the fabric until taut and staple in the center of all four sides.

    # Staple the rest of the edges, about 4 inches apart.

    # Trim excess fabric along the staple line.

    # Apply gimp trim along the edges to hid the fabric edge and staples using a glue gun.

    # Reupholstering a chair with removable cushion:

    # Wear safety equipments.

    # Use pliers to remove all the staples at the bottom of the cushion.

    # Throw out old fabric, batting and foam. Only the wood piece should be left.

    # Add new foam. Use serrated knife to shape the foam.

    # Add batting over the foam, leaving 4 inches on each side.

    # Flip the cushion over.

    # Pull batting until taut.

    # Staple the center of the batting to the wooden part of the seat.

    # Repeat on all 4 sides.

    # Staple the rest of the batting around the edge, about 4 inches apart.

    # Iron the fabric.

    # Repeat the same steps with the fabric.

    # Trim excess fabric and batting along the staple line.

    # Cut the dust cover fabric to fit the wood piece.

    # Fold each side of the dust cover fabric in 1-2 inches and staple on to the wood.

    # Screw the cushion back to the chair.

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