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    Turn Mismatched Chairs Into A Gorgeous Coordinating Dining Set

    It's time to dumpster dive, y'all.

    Those ugly AF chairs you always see sitting on the curb? Yeah, those things are just waiting to be turned into a beautiful dining set courtesy of YOU. Turn it from this...

    Into THIS! Here's how:


    * Old chairs

    * Safety equipments

    * Safety goggles

    * Work gloves

    * Face mask

    * Cleaning supplies

    * Disinfectant spray

    * Paper towel

    * Bug spray (optional)

    * Pliers

    * Scissors

    * Screw driver

    * Sand paper or electronic sander

    * Painting supplies

    * Paint brush or paint roller

    * Paint tray

    * Primer

    * Paint color of your choice, we chose white

    * Gloss or stain of your choice, we used polyurethane

    * Upholstery supplies

    * Staple gun

    * Iron

    * Upholstery foam

    * Batting

    * Sturdy fabric of your choice

    * Serrated knife

    * Dust cover fabric

    * Gimp trim

    * Glue gun


    # Clean all chairs thoroughly with disinfectant spray and paper towel (optional: bug spray).

    # Remove the old upholstery.

    # For arm chairs: remove staples with pliers and cut off old fabric with scissors.

    # Throw out old foam and batting.

    # For chairs with removable cushion: unscrew the cushion from the chair.

    # Sand down the chairs until smooth (wear safety equipments).

    # Prime the chairs as instructed on the primer container. Let dry completely.

    # Paint the chairs as instructed on the container. Let dry completely.

    # Reupholstering an armchair:

    # Put one piece of foam on the seat.

    # Fill any gaps with batting.

    # Add one or two layers of batting over the entirety of the seat, depending on how soft you want your chair to be.

    # Cover the batting with fabric.

    # Iron the fabric.

    # Pull the fabric until taut and staple in the center of all four sides.

    # Staple the rest of the edges, about 4 inches apart.

    # Trim excess fabric along the staple line.

    # Apply gimp trim along the edges to hid the fabric edge and staples using a glue gun.

    # Reupholstering a chair with removable cushion:

    # Wear safety equipments.

    # Use pliers to remove all the staples at the bottom of the cushion.

    # Throw out old fabric, batting and foam. Only the wood piece should be left.

    # Add new foam. Use serrated knife to shape the foam.

    # Add batting over the foam, leaving 4 inches on each side.

    # Flip the cushion over.

    # Pull batting until taut.

    # Staple the center of the batting to the wooden part of the seat.

    # Repeat on all 4 sides.

    # Staple the rest of the batting around the edge, about 4 inches apart.

    # Iron the fabric.

    # Repeat the same steps with the fabric.

    # Trim excess fabric and batting along the staple line.

    # Cut the dust cover fabric to fit the wood piece.

    # Fold each side of the dust cover fabric in 1-2 inches and staple on to the wood.

    # Screw the cushion back to the chair.

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