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Bring The Constellations To Your Bedroom With These Glow-In-The-Dark Galaxy Jars

Stargaze from the comfort of your bed!

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Watch how to make them here:

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1 wide-mouth jar with lid

1 disposable cake pan

1 battery-operated tap light

4 floral lights

Decorative tissue paper

Pointy object such as a seam ripper




Metal spoon

Rolling pin or other cylindrical object



1. Cut the cake pan to fit the length and circumference of the jar. Warning: be careful of sharp edges.

2. Smooth out the surface of the cake pan using a rolling pin or other cylindrical object.

3. Use the bowl of the spoon to smooth out any remaining ridges.

4. Draw the constellation of your choice on the pan with a marker.

5. Using the pointy object, puncture a hole through the cake pan to create your constellation pattern. These holes should be about 1/10th of an inch in diameter. You can also create other shapes such as stars and triangles.

6. Place a sponge under the cake pan.

7. Using a needle, create small holes in the rest of the pan’s surface area. The more holes you create, the more lights will come through.

8. Remove the sponge.

9. Roll up the cake pan and place inside the jar. Trim off any excess.10 . Put 4 floral lights in the jar.

11. Add colorful tissue paper in the jar.

12. Place the tap light facing down on the jar and tighten with the band of the lid.

13. Turn off the lights and stargaze!