Trump functions as his own boss, and his family still has a lot of influence in the White House, hampering a future chief of staff’s power.

Tarini Parti • 2 days ago

Trump’s second chief of staff tried to impose order on a chaotic White House.

Tarini Parti • 4 days ago

“You would expect a little better customer service,” one NRCC donor said of the communication about the hack.

Tarini Parti • 7 days ago

Republicans see warning signs for Trump in 2020 based on midterm results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as his campaign considers options to boost rural turnout even more.

Tarini Parti • 8 days ago

Republicans in Congress have worked to limit how much Trump can threaten.

Tarini Parti • 15 days ago

Trump is endorsing a plan to soften some criminal sentences, something pushed by Jared Kushner and opposed by former attorney general Jeff Sessions.

Tarini Parti • 28 days ago

The president has forced out Jeff Sessions. He is threatening Democrats and railing against reporters and the Republicans he thinks have done him wrong.

Tarini Parti • One month ago

Republicans had a good night in the Senate. But Trump can’t deflect blame for the losses in the House.

Tarini Parti • One month ago

In the final days before the midterm elections, Trump is tying Democrats to Clinton in states that he won.

Tarini Parti • One month ago

Donors and some Republicans are moving away from Steve King. But “it would take a tidal wave to knock him out.”

Alexis Levinson • One month ago

With just a week to go before the elections, the president is playing up the caravan and talking about a new proposal to end birthright citizenship.

Tarini Parti • One month ago

The Pennsylvania and Ohio Senate races look to be out of reach for Republicans, no matter how much Trump tries to motivate voters in the states he won in 2016.

Tarini Parti • One month ago

The president is leading off campaign rallies this week with digs at Democrats over their treatment of the new Supreme Court justice, who was accused of sexual assault.

Tarini Parti • 2 months ago

The president’s oldest son and his girlfriend are campaigning across the country ahead of the midterms, trying to motivate Trump voters.

Tarini Parti • 2 months ago

“He’s the Sixth Sense nominee: He’s dead but he’s the only one who doesn’t know it,” a former White House official said earlier Thursday. But at the end of the hearing, the president demanded a vote.

Tarini Parti • 2 months ago

From saying that a process needs to play out to tweeting that his Supreme Court nominee is “under assault” from the “radical left.”

Tarini Parti • 2 months ago

The announcement of the hearing comes just a day after Christine Blasey Ford came forward publicly with allegations that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school.

Tarini Parti • 2 months ago

The president is standing by his Supreme Court nominee, but so far he’s not publicly lashing out over the allegations against him.

Tarini Parti • 2 months ago

A woman who has known Kavanaugh since high school told BuzzFeed News she helped organize the letter Thursday and sent it to friends in the area, following reports of a secret allegation against the nominee.

Chris Geidner • 2 months ago

“What in the world?” asked a former White House official.

Tarini Parti • 3 months ago