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10 Unexpected Culture Shocks You'll Experience In Europe This Summer

Because yes, believe it or not, Europe is VERY different from the United States.

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4. You only pay what you see.

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Unlike the United States, taxes are included in an item's sale price and you don't have to tip in restaurants. So if the menu tells you that your pasta is 10 only pay 10 euros!

(Of course then it sucks to come back home and realize that you have to factor in tax and tips in your bill again.)

5. They eat very strange things over there.


Like snails. Although Americans are kind of complete prudes when it comes to cuisine, so the idea of consuming anything that isn't chicken or beef is a little foreign to us.

6. It's completely normal to drink in the middle of the day.


Don't be too surprised as you're walking down the street where they have outdoor dining- and everyone is enjoying a nice beer or wine glass at noon.

7. That magnetic strip on your credit card is basically useless.


They don't slide your card in Europe! You need to make sure that your card has an EMV chip or you're not gonna be able to pay. Lucky for you, paying with an EMV chip is much safer than the magnetic strip.

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