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10 Registry Swaps For The Couple That Has It All

If you already live together, there's a lot you don't need. Get upgrades for the basics you already have with Target wedding registries.

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1. If you already have a waffle iron, you should register for...

Griddles have more versatility than waffle irons. You'll be the master of all brunches with a griddle. Aside from pancakes, you'll be able to cook masterful eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns by the bucketful.

2. If you already have a quilt, register for...

Move the quilt to the guest room where it gets less use. Duvet covers are easier to clean, and you can switch them up later if you redecorate for less money than a new quilt.

5. If you already have a tablecloth, register for...

Table runners can be used to accent your tablecloth or a plain table. They take up less storage space so you can switch it up seasonally or as your tastes change.

6. If you already have a slow cooker, register for...

Pressure cookers can be used to make basically anything a slow cooker can, in much less time. Some can also be used for canning, and all can be used as large pots, making them much more versatile than slow cookers.

And, of course, if you don't have any of the "basics," you can register for those at Target, too!

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