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12 Memories Every "Star Wars" Kid Can Definitely Relate To

Let's be real: Who isn't a Star Wars kid at heart? Find your place in a galaxy of memories on

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For Star Wars kids, anything and everything can take you on a trip to a galaxy far, far away.

A Star Wars collection is never truly complete.

Literally, a set of earmuffs are all you need to become a leader of the Rebel Alliance...

...and friends can become foes in your very own living room.

With so many paths to choose from, it's important to find your place in the galaxy.

It's not always clear who's on the "good" side (even between clones and Jedi).

Only a select few are able to slip between the cracks of the Empire and the Republic.

Some are immortalized as iconic heroes.

Some focus on making clever improvements to old technologies.

Others hire bands of mercenaries to fulfill personal ambitions.

Tiny, static, sick-looking mercenaries.

Tiny, static, sick-looking mercenaries.

Force wielders are tasked to utilize restraint while learning to hone their skills....

...but some can barely contain their strength.

The dark side is strong in many...

...but, no matter what, the power of the Force builds bonds that last a lifetime.

Because, when you are a Star Wars kid, there's no galaxy you can't have fun in.

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