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15 Reasons Why Cats Are The Most Fearless Creatures

Cats don't mess around, that's for sure. Check out these fearless kitties and get the best toys and food for your special pet at Target .

1. Cats are never intimidated by larger creatures - even the inside of their mouths.

2. Cats are self-assured, because they study up - they plan ahead.

3. Cats undergo rigorous training to face the greatest of dangers, like the danger of loud, warm winds.

4. Cats do not hesitate to claw their way to the top, even if it means stepping on a few heads.


6. Cats are not phased by the new kid, even if he's awfully cute.

7. Cats always know when to put others in their place. Get out of here, dolphin!

8. You heard me, oversized balloon!

9. Don't even think about it, bear.

10. No creature can match the cat in fearlessness, not even a hungry alligator...

11. and definitely not a silly goat.

12. Cats scoff at heights.

13. And laugh in the face of danger.

14. Cats are fearless because they know they are going places...

15. ...even if they have to get some pesky snow out of the way first.