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14 Cats With Sweet Identity Crises

Silly cats, why can't you just stick to being cats? Here are some kitties who think they're another thing altogether. Take care of your special cat with the best treats and supplies at Target.

1. This cat who thinks he is a water bottle and can't wait to refresh you:

2. This cat who thinks he's a goldfish:

3. This cat who thinks he is your lunch, now take him to work please:

4. This cat who decided to live life as an emoji:

5. This cat who is a plant and just wants you to leave it alone:

6. This cat who just knows he was a majestic snow leopard in a past life:

7. This gangster cat who does not want you to come anywhere near his loot:

8. This kitten who is a doll, goodnight:

9. This ginger cat who thinks he's a tchotchke:

10. This kitten who refuses to believe he's not going to grow up to be the easter bunny:

11. These cats who think they're buff dudes getting their Gym, Tan, Laundry routine in:

12. This silly cat who thinks he's human and is gonna sleep on your pillow whether you like it or not:

13. This cat who is a shoe, and that's that:

14. And this cat who just plain forgot how to cat: