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12 Facts You Never Knew About Shaving

There's a story behind every beard. Who knew? 5 o'clock shadow got the better of you? Take a trip to Target for all the essentials every man needs for a smooth, clean shave.

1. Shaving dates back to prehistoric times.

2. Alexander the Great was an outspoken critic of facial hair.

3. The world's oldest existing barbershop is in London.

4. 1.3 billion men shave with a traditional blade and razor.

5. The ancient Aztecs made their razors from volcanic glass.

6. Egyptians shaved their eyebrows to mourn their cats.

7. A politician promised to never, ever shave again if Abraham Lincoln was elected president.

8. On average, 75% of men shave once a day.

9. The disposable razor rose to prominence in 1895.

10. Soldiers in the British army were forbidden from shaving their mustaches until 1916.

11. The world's largest "barbershop" is a temple in Tirumala, India.

12. It's estimated that men will shave 20,000 times in their lifetime.

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