10 Men’s Style Tips That’ll Never Be Outdated

Fashion isn’t just essential. It’s timeless. Give your wardrobe the attention it needs with Target’s impressive selection of fine menswear.

1. First and foremost, focus on the essentials.


One black or dark blue blazer, one crisp dress shirt, and one simple, classy tie. Easy, right?

2. Rock a pocket square to class up any outfit.


Pocket squares are an excellent way to introduce new visual elements to your outfit, and a simple folded handkerchief matched with a fitted blazer can go a long way towards making your duds look a whole lot dressier.

3. Bow ties are eternal.


They’re classic, complex, and have yet to go out of style. Put the extra effort in and master the bow tie’s innate intricacies. People will notice.

4. If you’re going to wear a suit, make sure it fits.


Sagging sleeves and over-stuffed shoulders ain’t a good look for anyone. A suit that fits is a suit worth wearing. Slim fitting suits don’t always come cheep, but tailoring is a relatively inexpensive way to show how much style matters.

5. Swap your white socks out for a more diverse palette.


Save those white-and-grey athletics for when you’re training for that 5k. Introduce solids, patterns, and unconventional colors to complement your wardrobe.

6. Speaking of, save your sneakers for the gym.


There’s a time and a place for your muddy kicks. A quality pair of shoes will last you a good long while, and look good for any occasion, work, casual, or otherwise.

7. Look into leather gloves when winter rolls around.


Leather gloves are a slick, sleek, and professional alternative to traditional fleece or cotton.

8. Subtle accessories make the man.


Solid accessories offer up a unique opportunity to express the finer points of your personality, and show just how much attention to detail you’re willing to put into your look.

9. Match where it matters.


Some fashion tips never go out of style. There are obviously plenty of opportunities to bend the rules, but if you’re after for a clean, classic, and polished look, make an effort to keep your shoes and belt in sync.

10. But if you’re going to clash, then clash.


Fashion commandments are, of course, meant to be broken. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a fashion that works for you.

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