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16 Ways Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree Is Just Like Dating

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Get everything you need this Christmas at Target.

1. Much like dating, when it comes time to find your perfect tree, first you have to decide what you want.


What exactly are you looking for?

2. Is this the year you experiment and go with something that's totally different from what you normally go for?


The little ones need attention too!

3. Or the year you go for that reliable old fling?

bauer 0319 / CC BY 3.0 / Via

Sure it might not have that piney scent or be 100% fulfilling, but it won't leave you frustrated from having to clean up after it.

4. Maybe you're ready to look for the biggest, freshest that's out there?

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Your majestic unicorn.

5. Some people are already posting perfect pics on Instagram, and you’re left feeling the pressure of not having found the one yet...

6. ...and it's like, where are you even gonna go to find this thing???

Steven Depolo / CC BY 2.0 / Via Flickr: stevendepolo

Sure, there's plenty of fish in the sea, but what if you're looking in the wrong ocean?

7. It might start to feel like all the big, fancy ones are already taken.

Thinkstock / Via BuzzFeed

Or covered in glitter.

8. There's a chance you'll watch someone eye up the one you spotted first and take it away.



9. But then you'll see it and just know: This is it.

Ashley Cook

You'll feel it in your core because it was meant to be.

10. You’re going to be nervous about when you should bring it home.

Thinkstock / Via BuzzFeed

But once you do, you really want to show it off to your family and friends.

11. Your pet will probably like your tree more than it likes you. / Via

Which is fine — just don't let them spend too much time together.

12. Things will be SO great for a few weeks.


You'll feel bubbly when you're spending time with your tree.

13. But you'll know when it's over.


"This isn't working out for me anymore."

14. You'll remember that breakups are tough, but so many other people are going through them too...


"Bye, Felicia."

15. ...and give it another shot next year...

Thinkstock / Via BuzzFeed


16. ...because all the hard work you put into finding your tree is worth it, and you'll always have your special memories.


"I loved that tree."

Whether you need help finding the tree of your dreams or piling presents underneath, Target has everything you need to make every holiday moment a hit.