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This Little Trick Will Make Your Presents Standout

With a few simple steps you can make wrapping your family's gifts more enjoyable this season. You can find these items at your local Target store.


Large tube sock

2 decorative ribbon hangers


DreamWorks Trolls True Colors Collection

Cotton balls

1 red and 1 green interwoven pipe cleaners

Black puff paint

Assorted decorative buttons

Hot glue gun


  1. Cut tube sock in half with scissors.

  2. Turn open-ended sock half inside out. Tie one end shut with a decorative ribbon hanger. Turn right side out and place toy inside.

  3. Fill with cotton balls until half of the sock appears rounded. Loosely cinch with interwoven pipe cleaner.

  4. Fill the sock above the pipe cleaner with more cotton balls until round (make sure it is smaller than the previous). Cinch the end of the sock shut with a decorative ribbon hanger.

  5. Use puff paint to decorate the smaller rounded side with a snowman face. Let dry completely.

  6. Place the other half of the sock on top as a hat.

  7. Hot glue buttons on the body of the snowman.

  8. To unwrap, take off the hat, untie the ribbon, and pull out your toy!