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The Beginner’s Guide To Surviving Black Friday

Perfection takes practice, even when it comes to shopping. Check out these insider tips before heading to Target on Black Friday!

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1. Research the products you want!


"Hmm, that toy mouse does not look 100% cotton..."

2. Search the web for the latest deals...


3. ...or else you may miss them!

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Some stores may offer early-bird specials and others night-owls deals, and many sales are limited to just a few hours.

4. Basically, imagine the stores are your crush.


Stalk them on Twitter or Facebook. You can get your hands on special offers and coupons that way!

5. Don't forget to wear your warrior gear!


You know what we mean: PUT ON SWEATPANTS.

6. Bring the store maps with you...


If you're not familiar with a store, how will you find that $20 95" Plasma HDTV before those other 400 people do? HOW?!?!

7. ...and the list of items you plan to buy!


You don't want to risk forgetting what you wanted and then come home with three new refrigerators and two treadmills. Be careful.

8. No matter what, do not steal people's carts.


That's just rude.

9. Partner up with a buddy to divide and conquer... / Via

Plus, they can carry all your new stuff to the car while you eat a bag of chips! OK, no, sorry... you should help them.

10. ...and develop secret sign gestures with them!


Head scratch = "GRAB IT"; belly scratch = "that smoothie gave me gas, watch my cart while I go use the restroom." PERF!

Or you can just, you know, use your phones to text things to each other.

11. Be ready to face obstacles...


They'll be mountains to climb!!! (OK, not really... people mountains maybe.)

12. And lastly, do not say goodbye without your gift receipt!


Or how the heck will you return that gold slow cooker you'll regret buying?!