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It's A Craft Stick Sled Ornament!

A fun way to decorate for the holidays with your kids can be with some craft sticks and LEGO® DUPLO! Build your way and create some fun with these items, which can be found at your local Target store.

Craft Stick Sled Ornament


3 craft sticks (4 7/16 in x 5/16 in)

4 craft sticks (5 ⅞ in x 11/16 in)




Black acrylic paint

Red acrylic paint


Hot glue gun

Decorative ribbon hangers

LEGO® DUPLO Batman figure and gray block from LEGO® DUPLO Batman Adventure



  1. Cut 2 craft sticks (5 ⅞ in x 11/16 in) into four 1 ¾ in pieces. Discard rounded edges.

  2. Mark 2 craft sticks (4 7/16 in x 5/16 in) with pencil, 1 inch below the end.

  3. Measure ½ cm from the pencil marking to the nearest end of the craft sticks. Mark the opposite sides.

  4. With pencil, connect the markings on both craft sticks. Cut on the pencil marking and discard the smaller ends.


  1. Paint remaining two pieces, and one additional craft stick (4 7/16 in x 5/16 in) red. Let dry completely.

  2. Paint 2 craft sticks (5 ⅞ in x 11/16 in) black. Let dry completely.


  1. Hot glue three 1 ¾ in pieces vertically onto black craft stick, ¾ in from the end. Leave 1 ¼ in space between each piece.

  2. Hot glue the remaining 1 ¾ in piece at a 45 degree angle at the opposite end of the black craft stick. Let all 4 sticks dry.

  3. Hot glue the second black craft stick on the other side, parallel to the first. Let dry.

  4. Hot glue the red craft sticks on top of the 3 slats.

  5. Hot glue a decorative ribbon hanger on the angled slat.

  6. Hot glue the LEGO® DUPLO grey block on the red craft sticks and let dry completely. Attach LEGO® DUPLO Batman (optional) to the gray block.

  7. Hang the finished ornament on your tree!